Terms and Conditions

As part of its governance of the game of cricket in Hertfordshire, Hertfordshire Cricket as implemented the following codes of conduct to safeguard and protect all those involved in developing and delivering cricket within Hertfordshire.

All players and parents have been provided with a Performance Programme Handbook which includes a Player Code of Conduct and a Parents Charter, so they understand what is expected of them and ensuring that all young players have the best chance to make the most of their opportunities in the Hertfordshire Cricket Performance Pathway coaching and playing programme.

The process that leads to the successful development of players is a complex one, entailing the identification of technical strengths and weaknesses and working on both elements. The development of personal qualities such as being reliable, demonstrating a good work ethic and most importantly, taking responsibility for their own game and performance is also very important.

The support of Parents/Guardians and friends is of course also extremely important. However, it creates difficulties for coaches and players if they are receiving mixed messages causing possible distractions during the game; Parents/Guardians should be aware that their behavior could affect all children on the programme, not just their own. We have therefore put together a list of requests that we would ask you to note.

This is intended to guide and assist you feel part of the team involved in Hertfordshire Cricket


  • Ensure that players arrive at matches and training sessions at the designated time. Punctuality is essential to maximising the effectiveness of training sessions.
  • Ensure that players are wearing the appropriate Hertfordshire approved County clothing as defined the player’s code of conduct.
  • Let players carry their own kit to and from the dressing room.
  • Do not enter the dressing room or training venue / sports hall unless invited by either the Coach or the Team Manager.
  • Do not enter the field of play during the course of a match.
  • Support the Coach and other staff at all times, especially by not involving yourself in any playing or coaching matters on training or match days. This includes advising your own son/daughter on any matter related to the playing of the match.
  • Advise the Coach/Team Manager of any impacting problems relating to any injury, illness or school pressures.
  • Encourage your child to learn the rules and play within them.
  • Discourage unfair play and arguing with officials.
  • Help your child to recognise good performance, not just results.
  • Set a good example by recognising fair play and applauding the good performances of all.
  • Never punish or belittle a child for losing or making mistakes.
  • All parents / guardians / friends must respect the rights, dignity and worth of all participants regardless of gender, ability, cultural background or religion.
  • Feel free to discuss any concerns or queries you have with the Performance Lead.
  • Support and encourage the player and team, provide positive support in a calm and controlled manner and refrain from negative criticism and/or applying any pressure on any player.
  • Respect the opportunity given to the player, accept selection, coaching and playing decisions.

Please note HCL reserves the right to withdraw a player from the Programme if parents are unable to adhere to these requests.


We are committed to the implementation of performance standards for delivery/outcomes. Feedback is welcome.

Any feedback or complaints should be addressed to the HCL CEO, Iain Fletcher on 07798 837814 or iain.fletcher@hertscricket.org.

Any issues relating to Child Safeguarding should be reported to:

Julie Page (County Safeguarding Officer) on 07741 272751 or safeguarding@hertscricket.org

The HCL Performance Programme Handbook and our Safeguarding & Protecting Children Policy are available to download in the documents section of the Information tab.